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Historical background

1.In 1949, Tianjhong hygiene clinic was established in No 362, Sec 2, YuanChi Road, Donglu Village. It dealt with medical clinic and public health business.

2.According to the rule of Taiwan hygiene organization, our institute was established on August 31st, 1949, under the jurisdiction of the health yuan of Taichung county, continued to handle medical clinic and public health business.

3.In 1951, new health center was established by the aid from American at No. 99, ZhingLuvillage, TianJhong Township.

4.It changed to be under the jurisdiction of Tianjhong Township district office in 1962.

5.It was moved to the present location No. 222, Sec 1, DouZhong Road from No. 99 in ZhongChou Road in 1974.    

6.Tianjhong hygiene promoted committee was established in 1986, in order to serve the people.

7.Implemented the industry that divided into diagnostic and medicine on April 1st, 1995.

8.Established the volunteer team of health station in July of 1999.

9.On January 19th, 2001, under the effort of legislative committee member Zhuo BoYuan, Yeh AShan (chief of Tianjhong township), Hsu ShouFu (director of bureau of hygiene in ChangHua county), Yeh YenBo (ex-officer of epidemic prevention department), and Chou MiaoJun(chief of our organization), our center was agreed to move to No. 43, ChangShun Street, Tianjhong Taownship as a temporarily office.

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